Throw a house party!

Throw a house party!

IF you love Girls on the Run Utah, enjoy being social and have friends who may be supportive of the work we do at GOTR…

…then maybe you should host a house party!

It’s Easy, Just Follow this Simple “House Party How To” List

1. Choose your location.

We say it’s a house party, but it’s really just a gathering of your friends. While you could certainly host it at your house or a friend’s house, what about your local pub, yoga studio, cheese purveyor or wine bar?

2. Put together your guest list.

A house party can have any number of people, but generally works best when there are at least 12 guests and not more than 50. Figure out how many people the location can comfortably accommodate. Start with your friends. Don’t forget neighbors. Think about people from your work, your gym, your church/synagogue, your social clubs and, of course, your relatives––any and all who might be supportive.

3. Decide how much to charge.

You should decide in the early stages whether you want to charge people a certain amount to attend ($50?) or leave the ask amount open. If you choose the latter, make sure people understand that there will be an ask.

4. Send out your invitation.

Whether you send out an electronic invitation or paper invites is up to you. Regardless of what style you choose, you’ll want to be clear that this isn’t simply a social gathering––it’s a way to support a cause that is near and dear to you. Be sure to include language that prepares people for an ask. For example: “Find out how your contribution can be instrumental in helping girls realize their full potential.” You’ll also want to include a suggestion that people can donate without coming to the party. Also, encourage people to bring friends. Request an RSVP so you’ll know how many people are coming.

5. Choreograph the event.

Think about the party layout and flow. Plan your party menu, make sure you have enough room for guests and find a way for guests to sign in and leave their contact information. At what point will you tell your guests why you have invited them there? Do you want to be the person who makes the pitch?  If not, think of who you would like to help you. Make sure you have all of the supporting materials you need, from brochures to contribution forms.

6. Let us know how we can support you.

We are grateful for your interest in helping us to expand our support base and to raise valuable funds for our program. Heidi Moreton is our house party maven, and she’s waiting to hear what support you need from GOTR. You can email her at or call her at 801-913-5584. She can help connect you with any and all resources––information sheets, party tips, GOTR staff or volunteers, to name a few––you may need in throwing your house party.